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Symbian's Application

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Symbian's Application Empty Symbian's Application

Post  Symbian Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:30 pm

*In-game Name: Symbian

*Age: 17 (18 next month)

*Country: England

*Are you able to speak clear and understandable English?: Yes

*On average how many hours a day do you play games online? Around 2-3 hours during week and slightly less at weekends

*Will you be active on the forums? Yes, will visit and post several times a day

*Tell us about yourself & your gaming background: Im currently in my second year at college. I am a musician, playing the tuba to a high standard. Been playing CoD series since CoD4s release, started playing alteriwnet in Febuary. Played in many CoD4 promod scrims and a couple of wars in alteriwnet with [iMoD].

*Have you been in any other clans? If so, why did u leave/get kicked? [iMoD] - clan closed down couple of months ago as leaders didn't want to continue

*Why do you want to join D'n? To be part of a sniping community with good server (low pings) friendly people and skilled players and the possibility to play in matches Smile

*On a level of 1-10, what skill level do you consider yourself? (Please note, if you put a 1 here, we won't just dismiss your application, this is your personal estimate) Probs around 7-8. Currently i am rank 1 on server.

*Not that we care too much, but are you a decent trickshotter? Not really, can't do anything and don't really see the point in it on PC - im the shoot and kill type :3

Check out my youtube to see me playing and my montages etc. (they are very old though and i have improved since then) - youtube[dot]com/user/GunnyBunnio


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